What is your position on protecting the NHS ?



I am a passionate supporter of the the NHS I was on the board at Walton Hospital in Liverpool.I oppose NHS Privatisation. I support the campaign to exclude the NHS from TTIP.Labour introduced the private sector into the NHS and the Tories want to take its involvement too far and I dont trust their instincts.I am proud of my Lib Dem colleagues in Govt at protecting the NHS from privatisation in the latest reforms.

We are the only party to propose fully funding the £8 Billion asked for the by the NHS ( see here ).People have critiscised us for our role in Government during the latest changes to the NHS. Personally I wish successive governments would stop re-organising the NHS and trust the people in it to get on with it.

However as Lib Dems in Government we did our best to minimise the impact of the reforms and changes on the most vulnerable.On the positive side I think we have done well in Government bringing about a greater focus on Mental Health with 'Parity of Esteem'.I also think the work of my Lib Dem Colleague Norman Lamb the Minister of State for Care and Support in putting forward the consultation on the Care Act (see here).This has brought the vital issue of integrating health and social care services much further up the political agenda.

If elected as your MP I can assure you I will work passionately to defend and promote the NHS.

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