Audlem Hustings 1st May 2015


We have had some excellent Hustings in this campaign and yet again the event at Audlem on 1st may was very well organised and there was a high standard of debate.Sadly the Conservative candidate declined to attend.You can read my opening address to the audience here. The event was broadcast live on the Internet and you can see that on Youtube here.

All in all an excellent evening Democracy at its best.

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Supporting Eddisbury's Rural Economy

Rural businesses are vital providers of employment and prosperity across Eddisbury. We need to give a more support to all our rural businesses not just in terms of Agricultural policy but also making sure that there is urgent action on Hi Speed Broadband.
But there are many other issues that we need to look at. Thats why I am so pleased that this week the Liberal Democrats have launched the Countryside Charter to boost the rural economy.

The Charter includes measures to improve high speed internet provision in rural areas, keep local services open and secure the future of the farming industry.

The Countryside Charter includes plans to:

Close the gap between urban and rural areas in high speed broadband and internet provision
Protect funding for essential local services and facilities by giving councils the power to double council tax on second homes
Give rural firms the transport infrastructure they need to grow and compete in global markets
Secure the future of the farming industry
Boost rural tourism
Help rural businesses grow and expand by continuing to improve the planning system
Prioritise rural housing
Help young people in rural areas develop their skills
Make rural communities safer
Support our fishing communities
Commenting Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg said:

“Rural areas play a large part in Britain’s economy with the rural economy worth £210bn. The Liberal Democrats want to unlock this potential so rural areas and the rest of the UK can thrive.

“In order to prosper, rural areas need good local services, appropriate infrastructure and more housing.

“Only the Liberal Democrats will create a stronger economy and fairer society where everyone and every part of the UK can reach its full potential.”


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Publish the Chilcot Inquiry Report NOW !


In 2003 Britain was led by the Labour Party with Conservative support into a war with Iraq which many people in our country believe was illegal.

The speculation that Sir John Chilcot’s report into the Iraq War may now not be published until 2016 is deeply concerning.

Liberal Democrats opposed the war in Iraq, and pushed for this inquiry to be held. Hundreds of thousands of families have had their lives torn apart by the Iraq war and deserve answers.

It is simply not good enough for this process to be continually delayed and the report must be published.

Please sign our petition here


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Why your vote can make a difference in Eddisbury


I had a really interesting and thought provoking email a few days ago from another local resident Judith Wood who pointed out that Eddisbury is only a 'safe' Conservative seat because not enough eligible people in the constituency vote.She has written a really interesting short paper on why we need to really encourage people to register to vote and then of course to vote ! You can read it here.

The deadline to register your vote is very near (Monday 20th April). I urge everyone who is not already registered to vote to got to asap and follow the steps there.

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Broadband Speeds in Eddisbury just not good enough !!


Update 17th April:

Eddisbury fast broadband figures reveal shocking disparities within England:  St Ives, LibDem seat in remotest Cornwall, enjoys speeds nearly twice as fast as Eddisbury.  Sad reflection on Tory neglect of an essential service vital for businesses and residents. 


Recent Figures from the House of Commons Library ( Published 03 March 2015 | Standard notes SN06643 ) show 43% of properties in Eddisbury have available Superfast Broadband making it 591 in Parliamentary ranking out of 650 seats in the United Kingdom.The average download speed is 12.8 Mbps making it 602 in Parliamentary ranking ! 10% of Eddisbury users suffer less than 2mbps speed making it the 74th slowest constituency in the Country.

These are shocking figures and impact severely on our constituency. Broadband is now an essential service and vital to rural-based residents. Without Fast Broadband many businesses and families are placed at a severe disadvantage and we need action NOW.

Please show your support by signing our petition here.

If elected as your MP I will make this issue a key priority.

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Sir Trevor Jones joins the LibDem Eddisbury Team

Sir Trevor Jones former Liberal Leader of Liverpool City Council in the late 70's and early 80's and Liberal Party President in the 70's has joined the Lib Dem Eddisbury Team on the Campaign trail.
Sir Trevor and Lady Jones,a former Lord Mayor of Liverpool,live in Tattenhall and have endorsed Ian Priestner's campaign to become Eddisbury's next MP.'Like so many people who live here I feel the Conservatives have let down Eddisbury in so many ways over the years and I believe Ian Priestner, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Eddisbury, who has lived in Eddisbury for many years, would be the best choice for Eddisbury residents on polling day'
Sir Trevor known as 'Jones the Vote'in a reference to his Welsh heritage was Leader of Liverpool Council during a troubled period for the city with the rise of the Trotskyist Militant Tendency so he is used to tough political opponents.Sir Trevor's endorsement adds yet more momentum to our campaign.
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Army veteran and ex-miner join Winsford Liberal Democrats

key_ian_welcomes_Ken_and_Gordon.jpgHot on the heels of other new members and volunteers comes the news that we have two new members to add to our successful team of councillors and candidates in Winsford.
Ken Isherwood and Gordon Robson (from left to right Bev Theron,Winsford Town Councillor,Ken,Ian Priestner and Gordon) both joined the Liberal Democrats last week.
Ken has lived in Winsford for many years and after a distinguished career in the Army he was an HGV Driver until his retirement.  He was a volunteer adviser at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Winsford for nine years
Gordon is a retired Miner and worked  at various pits in the Staffordshire coalfield for 25 years and is now a part time presenter on Mid- Cheshire Radio.
Ken and Gordon joined us because he they have seen that when you elect a Lib Dem they get things done.  Both feel that Labour has taken Winsford for granted for so long (two of the Labour Candidates who will be looking to get elected in May don’t even live in Winsford). 
Ken will be standing for us in the Verdin Ward of Winsford Town Council and Gordon will be standing in Swanlow ward.
Ken and Gordon join the Lib Dem team in Eddisbury working hard across the constituency.  More and more people realise that only the Liberal Democrats can offer a strong economy and a fairer society.  At national level we offer stable government that won’t lurch to the extremes of left or right.   At local level we work hard to represent residents.
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Eddisbury Bottom of Hi Speed Broadband League


Did you know that the Parliamentary Constituency of Eddisbury, according to the House of Commons Fixed Broadband:Policy and Speeds, Standard Note: SN06643 (- updated on 2nd February 2015) ranks Eddisbury at 602 out of 650 Parliamentary Constituencies for average downloading speeds.
This is a shocking and lamentable performance by any standards, never mind after years of investment into upgrading our networks.  Thousands of businesses, householders, enterprises of all sizes, school children and recreational users, are simply at a huge disadvantage when high-speed broadband is seen as an essential utility in the modern age.
Eddisbury, a so-called safe-seat for the Conservative Party, has been left behind as the rest of the UK forges ahead.  

If elected as your MP, unlike the Conservatives, I won't take Eddisbury for granted I will campaign vigorously to get a minimum of 10mbps download speed for all Eddisbury residents. Please sign my 'Hi Speed Broadband for all' petition here.

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Conservative Shortlist for Eddisbury


UPDATE 22nd March: The shortlist has now been revealed as three candidates from outside Eddisbury, one from a neighbouring constituency,one from North Wales and one from London.


The identification of those on the Conservative shortlist for Eddisbury is gathering momentum.   Rumoured to include a heart doctor from New Malden, a Conservative Welsh Assembly Member for North Wales Region is the latest addition.
'I remain, so far, the only local candidate of the three main parties contesting Eddisbury who actually lives in the constituency with my family; born, brought up, educated and worked in Cheshire.  With both previous Conservative MPs leaving for foreign jobs, the least the Conservatives can do is to respect the residents of Eddisbury enough to select a local person, who may be likely, if elected, to stick around a while.  Their problem may be in finding one.'

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Eddisbury MP Stephen O'Brien's appointment to the UN

key_IanPriestner_109.jpgEddisbury MP Stephen O'Brien's appointment as UK Special Representative to the UN was announced by No 10 Downing Street today Monday 9 March.   His constituents learned the news from Twitter and other social media.  After 16 years as the Conservative MP for Eddisbury his departure leaves the fight for his seat wide open, not just to those from his Party who are in the race to get on the shortlist, unless a deal has already been done with the local Party of course, but also for his Seat itself.
Though a long-term occupant his profile nationally was relaxed, reflected in his voting record in Parliament and participation in debates, seemingly preferring to spend considerable time on international affairs.  His wish has been granted and he will be fully engaged in critically-important humanitarian and development issues across the developing world.  We wish him luck in this post and hope he will enjoy great success in this important work.
Meanwhile, Eddisbury residents, facing economic and political uncertainty with an election due in 9 weeks, may well feel abandoned at this last-minute development.  The Conservatives will select a candidate who will need to understand the constituency in a very short time, especially if they are parachuted in from a Cameron A-list.  Or if they select a local candidate then we can look forward to further cuts in essential services taking us back to the 1930s; increased uncertainty over our future in EU threatening jobs and livelihoods;concreting our green fields in unsustainable developments; and opposition to transport projects that work for us here in Eddisbury.
Or we can make a change and elect a new face, not one imposed by a faceless central party or a remote Council, a local person who was born and bred in Cheshire, worked in Cheshire in a variety of sectors across business and the public sector, and lives in the Constituency.
For the first time for a long time you have a real choice, you should take it

Ian Priestner 

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