Natwest’s decision to close their Tarporley branch


NatWest has confirmed it will shut its High Street branch in Tarporley on June 6th as part of a raft of closures across the country, brought about because more and more customers no longer uses branches regularly. However not everyone can use online or telephone banking and many older customers and businesses in particular rely heavily upon branch services to make cash/cheque deposits.What do you think of the branch closure ?

I have set up a Facebook Poll HERE

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Local Resident and Rail Enthusiast Endorses our Campaign


This week I had the pleasure of meeting local resident and rail enthusiast Richard Bass pictured under the original Tarporley Railway Station sign which he purchased after the station had closed.

Richard is delighted we are trying to re-open the Station and fully endorses our campaign.

He remembers when the station was a busy hub and you could get a direct train to London Euston.

Our campaign gathers steam ! We now have over 650 signatures. We have a team of more than 30 volunteers and we are setting up a Steering Group. We've had some excellent media coverage in The Chester Chronicle HERE , Tarporley News HERE and Tarporley Talk HERE.

If we were to succeed it would certainly be a step in the right direction to reduce traffic on the roads, improve access to Chester and Crewe and be in a position to take advantage of Hs2 if and when it happens. It will also help with emissions, be a safer and quicker way of travelling and reduce the chronic parking problems at Tarporley and neighbouring towns and villages.

To succeed we need to carefully and consistently raise awareness of the need to re-open the Station and with over 650 signatories on the website petition already we are certainly heading in the right direction. However we have a lot further to go if we are to get Cheshire West and Chester Council to sit up and take notice. We need to get beyond 1000 at least, representing a good proportion of residents in Tarporley and neighbouring areas.

You can find my petition HERE .

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Thoughts on the Richmond Park By-Election


The defeat of the UKIP-Conservative candidate in the Richmond-by-election is a rejection of Brexit and its fellow travellers. It's a mighty resounding cheer of support for those of us who believe that our future is as an engaged, connected progressive country.

Let's keep the faith and insist that Parliament and the people have another chance to interrogate this huge mistake for our country and its people.

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Liberal Democrats select Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Eddisbury


Today I am releasing the following statement to the media:

Ian Priestner, 59, who fought the seat of Eddisbury at the last General Election in 2015, has been selected by Eddisbury Liberal Democrats to be the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the seat in the event of an early General Election.
Ian, who lives near Tarporley in the heart of Eddisbury with wife Jenny and daughter Victoria, took the Party's performance from 37th overall out of 75 seats in the NorthWest to 9th, gaining 9.2% of the vote.
His career, primarily in the energy and water industries, stretches over 35 years and he comes from a NorthWest-based farming family.
He is currently campaigning to re-open Tarporley Railway Station and the petition to support his campaign is on his website;
Further details on Ian and Liberal Democrat policies are also available on his website.

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Update on Tarporley Railway Station Campaign


Our campaign to re-open Tarporley Railway Station is going very well we now have over 150 signatures. I will be meeting  with my Lib Dem colleagues soon to decide our next steps. We had some coverage in the Chester Chronicle last year (HERE) and Tarporley News recently (HERE) . 


Read more
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Fighting to stay in: the EU Referendum

We make no bones about our belief that the EU offers a better future for all of us by staying in rather than leaving.

The EU has kept the peace in Europe and offered hope to millions of people as they emerged from decades of Soviet oppression.

key_keep_britain_in_eu.JPGOur major trading partners from across the world, including the US and China,  believe that we are better off inside the EU helping influence the debate rather than sitting on the sidelines while rules are shaped that ignore our vital interests.
We are the only party in Eddisbury determined to fight for the long-term interests of residents and working people. Our vital local industries need support to help grow jobs and create wealth.
Why put that at risk?

The Leave the EU campaign can only offer us uncertainty as nobody knows what would happen if we left the EU. Would we aim to be like Norway with no say in how the rules of the Single Market are applied ? Businesses hate uncertainty -How long would it take for us to renegotiate our trade agreements and what would happen to investment and prosperity in the meantime.

Help us campaign for a reformed EU, one that builds a strong certain future for all of us.
If you are interested in helping locally with this or any of our campaigns please contact me through this website or on Facebook and Twitter.
Join the Campaign to keep the United Kingdom in the EU
Please get in touch here if you want to discuss in more detail.

See details of our other campaigns for Hi Speed Broadband,Sustainable Development and to re-open Tarporley Railway Station here.



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Conservatives show their true colours and its definitely not Green !


If people needed any more proof how much difference we Liberal Democrats made in Govt,the abandonment of the Green Deal shows the Conservatives true commitment to combating Climate Change. You can find out more details here .Clearly the Conservatives consider fighting climate change as 'All that Green crap' .

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A big thank you to Eddisbury


I just wanted to send a big thank you to the 4289 people of Eddisbury who voted for me.   I am particularly grateful for all the emails and support from Social Media users.   We did well and bucked the national trend. 
Eddisbury is now the 9th (out of 73) top Liberal Democrat seat in the North West and only behind seats where we had/have the MP and we outpolled our national vote share;  something we didn't do in 2010.   We also have made some steps forward in the Cheshire West and Chester Council elections in several wards and coming close in Farndon. In Winsford they elected twice as many Lib Dem Town Councillors as four years ago.   We have a solid base for the future.   Our campaign focused on sustainable development in our communities, good broadband and the regeneration of Winsford. We had a lot of positive feedback.   We have also added new members and made some great contacts throughout Eddisbury.

I spoke to Antoinette Sandbach at the count and impressed on her how important our campaign issues are to people here.   She acknowledged this publicly in her acceptance speech so it's now a matter of public record.    We will hold our MP to her word.   
Once the dust has settled I will send you more details of our plans and campaigns for this Parliament.

On a national level it was a grievous day for my party and we now have an unrestrained Conservative Government and the SNP almost totally triumphant in Scotland.    With that,the EU Referendum,the repeal of the Human Rights Act and the introduction of the 'Snoopers Charter'  (this gives the state unprecedented power to monitor your personal communications), the very future of the UK is at stake.   Never before has Britain needed a strong Liberal voice more.    The rebuilding starts here.

Since polls closed over 10000 11000 12500 people have joined the Liberal Democrats because they believe that there is a better way.   Will you join them now?   Those of us who believe in the values of liberty, community and individual freedom must stand together and defend them.   If you agree with this then please join us today here and be part of our future.

Thanks again for your support,


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Thanks for the emails and messages of support this morning .

Thanks to the 4289 people of Eddisbury who voted for me. Good campaign focussing on development, broadband and the regeneration of Winsford. A good result locally but a grievous day nationally and a unrestrained Conservative Govt with the SNP in Scotand.With that and EU Referendum the very future of the UK is at stake.Never before has Britain needed a strong Liberal voice more. The rebuilding starts here.

I will send/post a proper thank you and give you details of our future plans in the next few days.


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Time for a Local Champion for Eddisbury


My final campaign email went out today and has a had a terrific response.The text of my email is below for those who did not receive it.Tomorrow is polling day ! Hopefully the day when bring change to Eddisbury !! Thanks for all your support its been a privilege to be part of the campaign.



Dear Eddisbury Resident,

I just wanted to drop you a note today to say thank you for the friendly reception I have had on doorsteps around Eddisbury over the last three  months of my campaign.   I have had a terrific response in person and online. You can find out about me and my campaign here.

As the only major party candidate who actually lives here in Eddisbury with my family I am getting a strong message that the electors of Eddisbury are ready for change.They are fed up with our constituency being treated like a Conservative Party fiefdom with candidates parachuted in from elsewhere.  The last two Conservative MPs arrived from London, stayed a little while and then left to join international organisations. So much for commitment. Eddisbury is classified as a Conservative 'safe seat' but I think this time things are different.All around the UK support for both Conservatives and Labour is dropping as a share of the national vote and I very much expect that to continue at this election.  Many local voters who have not voted for us before are pledging their support. In 2010 we were the challengers in this Constituency and our nearest rivals Labour have never beaten the Tories here.

Eddisbury and Winsford have been neglected by Conservative and Labour respectively over many years. It's a classic example of 'safe seat syndrome'. There has been far too much indiscriminate and speculative development in the rural villages and towns and far too little development in Winsford, particularly the Town Centre, which has been neglected by both Labour and the Conservatives.   Winsford has some catching up to do especially if you see the progress in recent years in Chester and Northwich, both in marginal seats where voters are clearly not taken for granted.

Eddisbury is 601st out of 650 UK constituencies for High Speed Broadband, an essential service for homes and businesses, and that's simply unacceptable. Only faraway constituencies like the Orkneys are slower than us and if we want our businesses to thrive and our children to be educated properly, this has to be addressed urgently. The Conservative candidate has shown her real feelings for Eddisbury by declining to attend the recent Audlem hustings to talk about it shocking many loyal Conservative supporters. The Conservatives take your vote for granted. There's a real groundswell of anger at being taken for granted and a strong desire for a local champion like me. You can see my personal pitch to the Eddisbury residents here and my pitch on the national challenges we face here.

My passion is to protect the beautiful towns and villages of Eddisbury from indiscriminate and speculative development, support employment opportunity and health access for all; and ensure our children have the best possible education.Developing our communities means putting residents first, not developers.Access to services such as doctors, school places and rural transport and telecommunications needs must be built in early in the planning system not left to be dealt with later.   We need to ensure we strike the right balance between growth and jobs, people and the environment.

The Conservatives admit the Election looks really close here .So your vote counts. Scientific studies show that if you make a plan to vote then you’re much more likely to end up voting.So please do encourage your friends and neighbours locally to make a plan to vote - they can vote from 7am to 10pm on Thursday.Even if you don't normally vote for my Party use this opportunity to make a real change for the better.

If you are going to support me please let me know and spread the word by forwarding this email to friends and family and going on to Twitter and Facebook using the links below to help my campaign.

I very much hope you will put you faith in me as your local champion.



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