Fighting to stay in: the EU Referendum

We make no bones about our belief that the EU offers a better future for all of us by staying in rather than leaving.

The EU has kept the peace in Europe and offered hope to millions of people as they emerged from decades of Soviet oppression.

key_keep_britain_in_eu.JPGOur major trading partners from across the world, including the US and China,  believe that we are better off inside the EU helping influence the debate rather than sitting on the sidelines while rules are shaped that ignore our vital interests.
We are the only party in Eddisbury determined to fight for the long-term interests of residents and working people. Our vital local industries need support to help grow jobs and create wealth.
Why put that at risk?

The Leave the EU campaign can only offer us uncertainty as nobody knows what would happen if we left the EU. Would we aim to be like Norway with no say in how the rules of the Single Market are applied ? Businesses hate uncertainty -How long would it take for us to renegotiate our trade agreements and what would happen to investment and prosperity in the meantime.

Help us campaign for a reformed EU, one that builds a strong certain future for all of us.
If you are interested in helping locally with this or any of our campaigns please contact me through this website or on Facebook and Twitter.
Join the Campaign to keep the United Kingdom in the EU
Please get in touch here if you want to discuss in more detail.

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