Broadband Speeds in Eddisbury just not good enough !!


Update 17th April:

Eddisbury fast broadband figures reveal shocking disparities within England:  St Ives, LibDem seat in remotest Cornwall, enjoys speeds nearly twice as fast as Eddisbury.  Sad reflection on Tory neglect of an essential service vital for businesses and residents. 


Recent Figures from the House of Commons Library ( Published 03 March 2015 | Standard notes SN06643 ) show 43% of properties in Eddisbury have available Superfast Broadband making it 591 in Parliamentary ranking out of 650 seats in the United Kingdom.The average download speed is 12.8 Mbps making it 602 in Parliamentary ranking ! 10% of Eddisbury users suffer less than 2mbps speed making it the 74th slowest constituency in the Country.

These are shocking figures and impact severely on our constituency. Broadband is now an essential service and vital to rural-based residents. Without Fast Broadband many businesses and families are placed at a severe disadvantage and we need action NOW.

Please show your support by signing our petition here.

If elected as your MP I will make this issue a key priority.

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