A big thankyou to Eddisbury !


A big thank you for the help you gave me in the general election in Eddisbury. The Liberal Democrats are back! We are fighting back right across the UK and gained 3 extra seats giving us 12 in total, a 50% improvement from the start of the previous Parliament.

In terms of results, Eddisbury came 16th out of 77 parliamentary seats in the North West if you rank them in terms of votes achieved by the Liberal Democrats. We have a solid base for the future with a healthy membership and a good campaign team. We ran an active campaign focused on school cuts, health and social care and avoiding a hard Brexit. We had a lot of positive feedback.

Once the dust has settled I will set out more details of our plans and campaigns for this Parliament, though I’ll have to be quick as there may be another general election around the corner given the lamentable performance of the Conservatives.

On a national level, it was a good night for us with a strong diverse and talented team of our MPs heading to Westminster. In a Hung Parliament, we will exert a strong influence. It is clear that there is no mandate for a hard Brexit. The country needs our voice to be heard.

However, you helped, whether as part of the Liberal Democrat team or simply by lending me your vote, I am truly grateful as we fight on.

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