10 Reasons to Vote for Me Tomorrow


Well, it's the final 24 hours of campaigning for the General Election tomorrow.  I can hear audible sighs of relief from voters and quite a few weary campaigners too.

Seriously though this is a seminal election vital to our future.

We have been really busy in Eddisbury these past few weeks.  We have worked harder than ever before delivering leaflets, canvassing and running our biggest ever digital campaign.  The feedback has been great with plenty of supporters and a friendly reception on the doorstep. Unlike the Conservatives and Labour we have to work hard to gain your vote and so you can be sure we will work even harder to keep it.

At this election, I am asking compassionate Conservatives and traditional Labour voters to lend me your vote so we can provide a robust, honest and decent opposition. Let us not give the Eddisbury Conservatives and Theresa May a blank cheque. 


Tomorrow you can vote for a brighter future for Britain. Here are 10 great reasons to vote for me in Eddisbury:

1 Reject a disastrous extreme Brexit

2. Keep Britain in the Single Market and save our Economy.

3. Save the NHS with an extra penny on income tax

4. An extra £7 billion for Schools and an end to cuts. (No to average budget cuts per school in Eddisbury by 2019 of £132,017, £557 per pupil and 3 Teachers per School).

5 Stop Theresa May's Dementia Tax

6. Build 300,000 new homes each year

7. £300 Million more per year for Policing

8. Keep the Pensions Triple Lock

9. A clean Green Prosperous Britain

10. A compassionate Britain taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees every year

On June 8th Vote Ian Priestner, Vote Liberal Democrat Let's Change Britain's Future.

If you can please join me on Facebook HERE or Twitter HERE and show your support. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I hope I can count on your vote tomorrow.


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